Hire IT Developers

If you are looking for full time IT developers who can work with dedication on your projects with your specialized concepts and vision, we can help you with the talented and experienced IT resource pool.

Our IT company in India can give you a hand by offering you dedicated web resources with virtual access.

  • Save up to 60% on your IT development costs.
  • Team of experienced developers ( 3 to 11 years) available for you
  • Latest tools and technologies.
  • A dedicated team for faster outcomes. – “Just for You”
  • Frequent reporting and access to our systems.
  • Signing of Non-Disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality of your business.

Skill Set You can hire IT developers available who are proficient in C#, .NET framework, ASP.NET, along with Sqlserver, MSAccess along with JavaScript, XML, XSL and XSLT.

You may also hire PHP developers having experience in Core PHP and CMS development work like Drupal, Joomla, CS cart, Magento, etc

You may hire Cold Fusion / CFM Developers also for Rapid Application Development Moreover ColdFusion applications are easy to roll out and tests.
Experienced ColdFusion Developer available for powerful coding, designing and optimizing high-traffic. They have experience in creating object-oriented ColdFusion MX applications and posses proficient exposure to DHTML, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript

Any other skill that you may require can be hired depending on your requirement duration.

    Hours of Work
  • Minimum 160 hours of work every month.
  • Five Working Days in a Week i.e Monday till Friday.
  • Day Off on Indian National holidays / Major festivals.

Hiring Terms Monthly @ USD 1600 per month (160 Hours) onwards @ USD 10.00 per hour

No strings attached Your project will always be yours, without compromise or permanence. You can work with another company when you want it and get back-up of your work.