Travel XML Integration

Web Service Integration by API developer

Travel XML Integration is an integral part of running a portal with multiple suppliers of flights, hotels, cars, packages and other travel services. Collation of all data and prices of travel related products for your online systems can be very challenging and time consuming. Hence

If you a need real time inventory of all hotels, airlines and cars, you may look for consuming a single travel API or XML. This might have all ingredients from an online travel agent.

If you want to pick and choose various supplier API/XMLs, you can go for XML integration with each one of them separately.

We can help you with XML/API integration services with any of the suppliers.

Also we can create API/XML services for you if you are a consolidator, which you can distribute to other channels.

Our team of API developers is expert in travel domain and we have integrated multiple APIs from different kind of suppliers.

APIs enable online travel agencies or booking agents access to global travel content like hotel information, images, room details, rates, from various suppliers.

Our team is experienced in integrating Air Booking APIs for AMADEUS, GALILEO and SABRE and 25 hotel suppliers worldwide.

Advantages of custom and multiple XML integration over Single Consolidated API integration XML integration and Custom Software Development “from scratch” has several advantages as compared to ready made Single API.
  • Prices directly from original suppliers and no share of margins through intermediates ( Single API provider)
  • Long term gains.
  • Flexibility in development, implementation and integration
  • Full control of system source code
  • Independence from the third party vendor’s product strategy
  • Unquestionable intellectual property rights
  • Unlimited scaling and customization

Advantages of Single Consolidated API integration over custom and multiple API integration
  • No contracting with Multiple Suppliers
  • Easy and Quick to integrate
  • Reduced costs of XML integration and development
  • Suitable for Start-ups

We are actively involved for all stages of the project and provide you support whenver you require us. Enhancements and modifications are welcome at any stage of project as per your business requirements.

We ensure full support to you get an edge in the market.